Friday, November 18, 2005

Welcome to COM-J Exchange

It's been in the works for months as we prepare to launch the nation's first Teaching Newspaper. Today, we're taking another step forward in opening the conversation about community journalism-- a conversation that undergirds all that we'll be doing at The Teaching Newspaper.

This online dialogue is just one way that we hope to extend the activities in our classrooms both at our main campus in Tuscaloosa and on our new campus at The Anniston Star.

We look forward to a great deal of fruitful discussion.

The name "Exchange" implies a back-and-forth or a give and take. That's what we want to do as we chat about what's good and not so good about journalism.

Hopefully this exchange will include discussions about some of the articles on our COM-J website. The ideas posted there are intended to spark some dialogue about WHAT IS COMMUNITY JOURNALISM?

We hope the national conversation planned for February will be a place where much of what we've started here in the online environment will come to a head as we sit in the same room and EXCHANGE ideas.

Welcome to COM-J Exchange!


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