Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sulzberger To Come to Alabama

In less than two months, we'll see what the top man at The newspaper of record has to say about journalism in 2008.

Arthur Sulzberger, chairman of the New York Times Company will be the Harry M. and Edel Y. Ayers Lecturer this spring at Jacksonville State University on Wednesday, March 12.

It's ironic that he's coming this spring as we are about to launch an aggressive New York Times in the Classroom effort in the journalism department and several other departments on campus.

As this blog has been somewhat inactive over the last few months. We'll begin to more frequently update as we build up to the March 12th lecturer by Sulzberger.

Starting this Wednesday, students will be receiving a guaranteed copy of the New York Times each weekday. Heretofore, I have been using the NY Times Company-owned Tuscaloosa News as a teaching resource.

We'll see how it goes.