Thursday, February 09, 2006

Harwood Launches First Discussion Panel

In a style more akin to a sermon than a lecture, this morning Rich Harwood is preaching a message of hope, not a hope for newspapers but hope for a different type of public life, different role for newspapers in a community.

"When people look out in public life, community life in politics, they don't see themselves, " said Harwood. "When people look out into public life and co mmunity life, they believe their life is being personally distorted, disorted by those in the news media that heightens and sensationalizes the news."

Harwood challenged newspapers to do three things:

1) Engage people on the notion of the public good

2) Invest in Capacity of our communitys to create community

3) In our effort to do good, better journalism, avoid Becoming mechanistic in our respone

As of this moment, the first panel of journalists is responding to Harwood's opening address.


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