Thursday, February 09, 2006

JSU Prof Draws Link Between Journalism & Academy

He's been one of the figures involved in the discussions about a Teaching Newspaper since the beginning. Today, Hardy Jackson, a history professor at Jacksonville State University made the link between his work as a historian and a columnist for The Anniston Star.

Jackson told his story during today's luncheon.

"Becoming a regular columnist and editorial writer was purely coincidence," Jackson said, who has published work not only in The Anniston Star, but also The Mobile Register.

Before doing his current stint as a columnist, he worked as an editorial writer for the Star.

Since starting his work with the Star, Jackson says the experience in journalism has had a positive impact on his work as a historian making his scholarly work "more accessible, more readable and more read."

But that's not only the old result of his dual work as a historian and a columnist.

"Wearing two hats has strengthened my connection with the community," Jackson said.

Jackson drew parallels between his work as an academic and a columnist in the three core areas of the academy: teaching, scholarship and service.

"Now that I think about it I have two jobs. I just wear one hat."


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