Monday, November 13, 2006

Countdown to Credibility-- the PLACE and PEOPLE

ANNISTON-- Ironically, the room where tomorrow's roundtable will take place is the Ayers room, named after the same family that owns The Anniston Star and via its parent company Consolidated Publishing.

Tonight we began assembling tables in a format that will maximize the opportunity for input. The U-shaped set-up should facilitate involvement and decrease the power dynamics that often can come with everyone sitting around a single table.

Professor Peggy Kuhr, formerly of the Spokesman-Review in Spokane, WA, now at the Knight Chair for Press, Leadership and Community at the University of Kansas, will co-moderate with Carol Nunnelley, who is the director of the Roundtables project.

Kuhr's classes at the University of Kansas have conducted at least three of the roundtables that involved partnerships between journalism classes and newspapers. She brings a wealth of experience in negotiating the relationship between a news organization and its community.

Nunnelley is familiar with Anniston as she is a former managing editor of The Birmingham News.

The location for tomorrow night's event is ideal because it's centrally located in the HEART of the city on which we will be focusing our discussions.


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