Thursday, August 24, 2006

COM-J Exchange re-started

Well, it's been almost a year since this blog was created as we marched up to the National Conference on Community Journalism in Anniston. That was in February 2006. The posting on my visit to WGN has nothing to do with community journalism per se. But, it's my first attempt to re-start communication online.

This week I'm in Chicago participating in the Society of Professional Journalists National Convention.

The conference is usually held in October. But, due to cost of holding a major conference in October in the Chicago area (very expensive), the staff decided to do an earlier meeting.

The last meeting was in Las Vegas in October 2005. So, this is the shortest period we've had between conventions in several years.

It's not a particularly convenient time for those of us in education because school is starting. But, nonetheless I'm here.

I hope to log in and post updates from various events throughout the week.

The opening reception tonight was held tonight at the River East Art Center.


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