Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Knight Fellows Host Credibility Roundtable

ANNISTON-- The Anniston Star should cover more positive things in the Anniston City Schools and not always play up the negative stories on its front pages.

Those were just some of the things eleven Anniston Star past and present readers shared in tonight's Credibility Roundtable held at the Anniston Star-Calhoun County Public Library main branch.

The lessons learned about what the newspaper is doing well and not so well are virtually endless.

The opportunities for adding a dimension to the research on community journalism are great.

The only glitch was a tape recorder on one side of the room that was not recording during the last 45 minutes of the roundtable. That creates an extra challenge with making the transcript.

But, we'll get there.

The important thing is that the Knight Fellows executed a fantastic community-based event. It's always hardest to do the first of anything.

We have a foundation on which to build in future years.

Much more on which to report tomorrow.


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