Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why an "unconference?"

KENNESAW-- The second day of the SoCon07 is half-over and there's only been more question-and-answer and discussion than two days of most conferences and convention.

That's what makes metro Atlanta's first-of-its kind social matchup of those interested in Web 2.0 different.

It's not about experts and authorities, but insights via what's called "collective intelligence."

"Rather than talking heads, everyone is invited to participate," said Leonard Witt, the Robert Fowler Distinguished Chair in Communication here at Kennesaw State University, site of today's gathering.

We're told more than 100 people are in attendance, 90 of whom showed up for a dinner last night that last three hours as various tables of folks talked and talked and talked.

Speaking of collective intelligence, there's collective photo and image gathering as well. The photo using on this post came from blogOrlando, which apparently is covering this gathering like I am.

Maybe this afternoon, I'll learn how to add photo credits and cutlines to my photos. But for now, an in-text acknowledgement will have to suffice.

The concept of collective intelligence is quite appropriate for this gathering, which focused on the development of so-called Web 2.0 where everyone gets involved. The concept behind seeing the Internet this way is that in the Web 2.0 age, the more people go to a site, the smarter it gets.

Sounds like a wiki, those websites (i.e. Wikipedia) where visitors can make entries and change the information.

But to think this unconference is just about wikis would be quite understating its value.

The networking opportunities with others, who otherwise would be at their computers thinking about new ways to communicate to have fun and to get information, are endless.

It's lunchtime and then after that, there's a healthy menu of breakout sessions --so many that I can't decide which ones I want to attend.


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It's my photo, but don't worry about cutlines or credits everything I shoot is available via the Creative Commons. You're free to use it as you want.

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